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SUNLITWORKS Manufacturing work with high quality Manufacturers that have been audited to a minimum of ISO 9001:2000 standard. Our local staff members supervise production and testing at these factories.

SUNLITWORKS consistently monitor all speciality suppliers and their facilities to grant and renew their accreditation as a SUNLITWORKS supplier.

Matching client's requirements for cost savings and quality assurance while managing the supply chain is where SUNLITWORKS' expertise lies. SUNLITWORKS selects only the best suppliers to work with and it's local presence ensures that those specialized factories meet time and cost requirements on orders.


SUNLITWORKS Manufacturing offer turnkey design solutions, from the concept stage to prototyping and mass production that enable the client to take advantage of the strengths in low cost manufacturing. We also offer packaging and promotional material design services, including instruction manuals, user guides and point of sale materials.


SUNLITWORKS can offer extensive engineering solutions for utilizing components and manufacturing procedures. SUNLITWORKS have LOCAL, highly skilled engineering expertise on the ground in our manufacturing locations. From the beginning we recognized quality assurance along with competitive cost levels as being at the heart of our business.